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Doulas and Perinatal Community Health Workers in Medicaid: A Learning Series on Leveraging Community-Based Support Services in Medicaid

Join the Institute for Medicaid Innovation and Every Mother Counts in an engaging and interactive virtual learning series that will provide a roadmap to explore next steps for collaboration and implementation of community-based doulas and perinatal community health workers in Medicaid. Registration will close on November 14, 2022.

Topics being covered:

  • Session 1: High-value, Equitable, & Evidence-based Community-basedPerinatal Support
  • Session 2: Program and Training Models for Community-based Perinatal Support
  • Session 3: Contracting, Credentialing, and Payment Mechanisms in Medicaid
  • Session 4: State Level Efforts of Implementation
  • Session 5: Capturing Value and Demonstrating Impact in Medicaid
  • Session 6: Ensuring Community Engagement, Equity, and Accountability in Medicaid
  • Session 7 & 8: Topics voted on by participants during session 5.

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